Smart city and built environment 2015

Digital Greenwich

Greenwich, London, UK


The Royal Borough of Greenwich


Smart city technology

Royal borough of Greenwich's term to develop and take forward the smart city strategy and its work on innovation. Through this concept, the borough functions as a testbed for new technologies, such as Air Quality measurement tech, electric collection vehicles, automated driving systems, 5G and IoT technology.

What was tested

Smart City technology

Testbed purpose

The goal is for Greenwich to deploy its smart city strategy and ensure innovative services for the inhabitants.


Various environments across the Borough of Greenwich

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Marketing and local economic development
  • Make public services better and more efficient

Bank of examples of real-world innovation testbeds

This is a database of real-world innovation testbeds collected through desk-based research and network interviews. It contains global examples from a range of sectors sorted into typologies, country, purpose, sectoral composition, year of establishment and main facilitators.

We're collecting more examples as we find them. If you'd like to add your testbed to this map, please suggest a testbed.

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