Education, ICT 2002

ICT Test Bed Project



Department of Education


Educational technology

Participating schools and colleges were in this testbed given funding for investment in ICT-based resources. The implementation, management and outcomes of the project have been evaluated from institutional, practitioner and learner perspectives.

What was tested

Educational Technology

Testbed purpose

The ICT Test Bed project was set up by the Department for Education and Skills to explore how ICT can be used to support the Government's wider agenda for education reform.


28 schools across the UK.

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Make public services better and more efficient

Bank of examples of real-world innovation testbeds

This is a database of real-world innovation testbeds collected through desk-based research and network interviews. It contains global examples from a range of sectors sorted into typologies, country, purpose, sectoral composition, year of establishment and main facilitators.

We're collecting more examples as we find them. If you'd like to add your testbed to this map, please suggest a testbed.

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