Energy and environment, Smart city and built environment

KTH Live-In-Lab

Stockholm, Sweden


KTH Live-In-Lab


Internet of things, Energy technology, Construction technology

KTH's platform of multiple testbeds is aimed to test products and services in a real system. It is open for anyone who wants to test and verify products and services in relation to the building and real-estate sectors, or for those who want to develop new business models and cooperation structures.

What was tested

Energy; Construction material; IoT

Testbed purpose

The purpose of KTH Live-In Lab is to shorten lead times from research results to introduction in the market, and enable new competitive environmental technology and sustainable products and services to reach the market faster.


Housing facilities

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Make public services better and more efficient

Bank of examples of real-world innovation testbeds

This is a database of real-world innovation testbeds collected through desk-based research and network interviews. It contains global examples from a range of sectors sorted into typologies, country, purpose, sectoral composition, year of establishment and main facilitators.

We're collecting more examples as we find them. If you'd like to add your testbed to this map, please suggest a testbed.

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