ICT, Smart city and built environment 2017

Qinzhou Intelligent Urban Water supply

Qinzhou, China


Water and Process Group, Thingswise, LLC and Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technologies (CAICT)


Cloud service technology

This testbed build an intelligent urban water supply management cloud service providing an integrated, multi-function, multi-service, multi-tenant solution. It deploys IoT gateways to securely connect the water supply asset to the cloud service, driving the water supply domain to monitor and provide advanced maintenance capability, monitor water quality, detect water leakages, reduce energy consumption, and ensure equitable water distributions during eater peak usage hours and water supply shortages.

What was tested

Cloud services for monitoring urban water supply systems

Testbed purpose

Testing solutions to manage adequate clean and safe water supply to urban residents including safety and quality of water supply, improving availability of the supply, and enhancing its efficiency


Urban Environment

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Address market failures or grand challenges

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