ICT, Agriculture 2016

Save the peaches

Mendoza, Argentina


Universidad Diego Portales; Universidad Tecnológica Nacional; Inria; Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


Internet of things

Due to an agricultural crisis in 2013 where Argentinian farmers lost 85% of their peach harvest, 23 sensors is now installed in Mendoza. Wireless modules are mounted on posts planted between trees. These modules will measure air temperature and relative humidity, as well as soil temperature and soil moisture. The data collected is sent to a gateway, which relays it instantaneously to a webpage. The team plans on deploying additional sensors between

What was tested

Internet of Things; Sensors to detect weather conditions

Testbed purpose

The goal of SaveThePeaches is to dramatically increase the predictability of frost events in peach orchards by using dense monitoring using low-power wireless mesh networking technology.


The testbed is in a peach orchard.

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Address market failures or grand challenges

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