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Sensor and subsea technology

Ireland's national observation and testing facility for marine and ocean energy sectors. The facility supports trial and validation of novel technologies in a real marine-world environment.

What was tested

Sensors on a surface or subsea environment; Other devices; Coatings; Materials and components.

Testbed purpose

The main purpose is to facilitate the development of innovative products and services for the global maritime sector. The vision is for Ireland to be recognised as a maritime centre of excellence for delivering innovative and value added test and demonstration solutions, supporting our partners and clients research, product development and commercialisation activities.


The test site is located 4.5km east of Spiddal in County Galway approximately 1.5km offshore. It also hosts a series of Technology Platforms for testing of sensors and data collection. A subsea observatory is also on site.

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Capture competitive advantages from frontier technologies
  • Marketing and local economic development

Bank of examples of real-world innovation testbeds

This is a database of real-world innovation testbeds collected through desk-based research and network interviews. It contains global examples from a range of sectors sorted into typologies, country, purpose, sectoral composition, year of establishment and main facilitators.

We're collecting more examples as we find them. If you'd like to add your testbed to this map, please suggest a testbed.

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