Health and social care 2014

The Health and Care Administration Testbed

Copenhagen, Denmark




Health care technology

The City’s Health and Care Administration runs an idea clinic, which gathers ideas from inside the health sector, and is currently working on two large test-bed initiatives, Sund Vækst Huset, a well-equipped testbed for students, researchers and companies working on motivation and motion, and Strandvejen 119, a rehabilitation centre for the elderly that will serve as a test-bed for welfare technologies. The centre’s facilities will include a test apartment, where products and solutions can be tested in a realistic care environment.

What was tested

Innovations related to self-treatment of chronic disease; Technologies improving life quality of the elderly

Testbed purpose

Testing, developing and securing implementation of new solutions on strategic areas for development in healthcare and welfare.


Testbed apartments with access to user group and a rehabilitation centre of the elderly serving as a testbed

Use cases

  • Testing innovation for verification and proof-of-concept
  • Make public services better and more efficient

Bank of examples of real-world innovation testbeds

This is a database of real-world innovation testbeds collected through desk-based research and network interviews. It contains global examples from a range of sectors sorted into typologies, country, purpose, sectoral composition, year of establishment and main facilitators.

We're collecting more examples as we find them. If you'd like to add your testbed to this map, please suggest a testbed.

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